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All our newest and most popular winter candles, melts and car diffusers! 

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Our Spring Scents are available in 8oz candles, 12oz candles, and 2.5oz... 

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  • Do you do wholesale?

    Of course! We are in 8 local shops and counting. We love when you inquire about having our candles in your shop, and we love supporting other local businesses, too!

  • Can I get candles for my bridal shower, baby shower or other event?

    Yes! We can do custom candles for any type of event. We can design any type of custom label for you, and we can do any type of vessel you would like whether it be tin, ceramic, or even wooden dough bowls!

  • Can I get a custom scent for my business?

    We love doing custom scents for businesses! You would come to our candle shed and make any combination of fragrances. We record your scents and do not let other businesses use the same combination, so your candle is truly unique to you!

Why buy Coco & Sage?

Here at Coco & Sage Candle Co., we pride ourselves in using eco and pet friendly materials to make our candles. We use a soy, coconut, and beeswax blend with certified clean fragrances to make you candles and melts that you can feel good about using.